News 2013

News 2013

News December 2013

The ski slope has opened! Last weekend there was the ski slope opening in Wolfsberg. The new ski lift is just about 500m from our Heimatstub'n.

During winter season you can rent a sledge (wooden/plastic) from our Heimatstub'n.
(1/2 hr. = 5 Lei / 1 hr. = 8 Lei / 1/2 day = 12 Lei / 1 day = 20 Lei)

During Christmas and New Year we have regular business hours (Wednesday to Sunday, 11am - 8pm).
Come and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with our delicious home made cakes. Or warm your belly with our famous hot spiced wine "a la Romania".

Our B&B with restaurant is according to schedule. The roof is mounted and the windows are built-in. Now we can fully concentrate on the interior work.

News October 2013

Last weekend (12./13. October) there was the Church Anniversary in Wolfsberg. It was a very nice celebration. The sun was shining as the musicians accompanied the tree parade. Afterwards the tree was positioned in the downtown area. The celebrations carried on through the evening. Click here to see more pics.

There was a film crew in Wolfsberg for the Church Anniversary. The film crew visited our Heimatstub’n and interviewed Günter Diemer, the Heimatstub’n founder.

The film crew and Günter Diemer at the miniature vehicle exhibit.

News August 2013

The first two stations are already placed at the planned Way of the Cross. The labelling is coming soon.
Left: Bruno Wandrasch, Heimatstub‘n / Middle: Josef Winterberger, Organizer / Right: Petru Nemes, BoWeDi

Wolfsberg is going to be a small ski resort. The ski slope is planned for November-December. The access road will  be next to the church, just vis-à-vis of the Heimatstub’n.

News July 2013

Our B&B with restaurant is in good progress. The roof construction is planned for August/September.

Our Stations of the Cross is also in good progress. There are 9 of 14 Stations to visit during making. The placement of the station is planned for August.

There is a home town almanac in our entrance area. Many people from home and abroad have registered already. We, the Heimatstub’n team want to say THANK YOU!

News June 2013

Our nature studies path, with flower meadow, is in full bloom. Come and walk on the trails and feel how enjoyable nature is for your body and mind.

Our Stations of the Cross is in progress.

We make big improvements with our B&B.

Our special exhibit of model vehicles and miniature memorabilia is of much interest for visitors.

Visit our showrooms and garden and enjoy coffee and cake or snacks and beverages in our restaurants. 

News May 2013

We are open on Whitsun (19.-20. May)

The local flowers are already in fool blossom, along our hiking trail.

Come and visit us in Wolfsberg. There is our miniature vehicles exhibit. Well, but this is not all. We are building the 14 Stations of the Cross for us and our community. Yes, there is going to be a Stations of the Cross in Wolfsberg.

News April 2013

There is a huge request for accommodation. We just want to let you know that we are working hard to get our B&B finished as soon as possible.

Because of great interest, we will extend our special exhibit of model vehicles and miniature memorabilia. The showroom is open now all year round!  It displays 1250 models from past and present.


We just opened our wonderful sun terrace. Come and visit, we are looking forward seeing you soon!

News March 2013

During the Catholic as well as the Orthodox Easter, we prepare for our little guests an Easter egg hunt! For more details, see "Events".

A sincere thank you to the Wolfsberg youth group for the beautiful recollections.